A Better Outcome for Cramping – Expert Commentary

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Amit Saha, Registered Pharmacist & Head of Technical & Innovation at Crampeze provides an expert commentary exploring cramp prevention and how magnesium may not suffice:

“It is unlikely that magnesium supplementation provides clinically meaningful cramp prophylaxis to older adults experiencing skeletal muscle cramps”.

This is taken directly from the author’s conclusion section of a Cochrane review on Magnesium for skeletal muscle cramp (Garrison et al, Sept 2020).

Yet in the pharmacy setting magnesium supplements are frequently recommended for the relief and prophylaxis of muscle cramp which is unlikely to have any clinical significance. While magnesium is an essential element for human functioning, its use for cramping is purely due to unavailability of a pharmaceutical treatment for skeletal muscle cramping.

How to Prevent Leg Cramping

The exact cause of skeletal muscle cramp is hard to ascertain, as such a multicombination therapy as opposed to a singular ingredient approach is likely to be more successful.

A treatment plan which combines magnesium with an antispasmodic such as viburnum opulus, a circulation booster such as Ginko Biloba and few essential B vitamins has more likelihood of achieving better clinical outcome in the treatment and prophylaxis of skeletal muscle cramping.”

Leveraging other ingredients with Crampeze

Crampeze has formulated two products that build on the standard-issue ingredient of magnesium by including other carefully chosen components.

  • Crampeze is a multi-combination solution that goes beyond traditional magnesium-only products for effective leg cramp relief. Tailored for both intermittent and chronic cramp sufferers, it’s the ideal choice for long-term use. Packed with magnesium to support energy production and maintain muscle function, Crampeze also includes Ginkgo Biloba to enhance blood circulation to peripheral areas like legs, hands, and feet, acting as an antioxidant to combat free radicals.
  • Crampeze Forte – Tailored for those facing intermittent cramps, Crampeze Forte is the perfect starting point for your journey to cramp-free living. Bid farewell to leg cramps with the dynamic blend of magnesium, nicotinamide, feverfew extract, and vitamin B5, providing a symphony of relief for your muscles. Also including Viburnum Opulus, to help alleviate leg muscle cramps, mild spasms, and twitches.

Learn more about our leg cramp relief formulations, including Crampeze, and Crampeze Forte. Amit has also provided an expert commentary on Cramp Bark: A Wonder Ingredient

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